“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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My name is Petteri Leppänen and I work currently at Imperial College Business School in London, UK. I have been researching, teaching, and consulting on business models since 2011.

I studied Economics and Business Administration in Finland and Germany. After my studies, I worked for three years in management consulting. I then joined a PhD program in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), an educational institute that is well known for its ground-breaking research, entrepreneurial mindset, and interdisciplinary studies. In fact, TUM graduates are among the most wanted ones according to a yearly Global University Employability Ranking.

In addition to my wonderful time in Munich, I spent more than a year as a visiting scholar at New York University and Singapore Management University, through which I managed to gain different perspectives on business studies and establish a global network of fantastic collaborators.

My research focuses on the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy. More specifically, I am interested in how both young and more established companies increase their chances of success by creating and experimenting with novel business models, and how technology enables such novel business models.

I have taught courses at BSc, MSc, MBA, and PhD levels on new venture creation, organizational design, business model innovation, corporate innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking. My courses have frequently included exercises from prototyping and pitching skills to research methods and analysis.

– Petteri Leppänen, Founder of The Business Model Scholar