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▶ Sometimes it's really difficult to distinguish ▶ Sometimes it's really difficult to distinguish between good and back feedback, just because you don't actually know whether or not it's true (or whether the suggestions actually make sense). Good feedback is constructive and fact-driven rather than assumptions based on someone's personal views. In addition, even if someone's feedback was always fact-driven, it can be really demotivating if it's always presented in a discouraging way. Therefore, the best feedback is usually from people with domain knowledge, experience and supportive style. Supportive doesn't mean saying yes to everything but suggestions of other potentially good solutions. Most famous entrepreneurs (and most managers today) had/have great mentors.
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▶ Social entrepreneurs help elderly people, kids ▶ Social entrepreneurs help elderly people, kids, refugees, veterans, former convicts, orphans, and those who are disabled, homeless, sick, traumatised, or otherwise vulnerable. They are forced to come up with innovative business models where helping others is the number one objective. One day we're all going to be old and potentially unable to take care of ourselves. And anything else can happen to us before that. Wouldn't it be lovely then to have some social entrepreneurs making sure that we and our family members can still enjoy life to the fullest, or at least feel like we're taken care of. When we think about it that way, I hope we can all see the importance of their work 💪🏼 
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▶ A few years ago there was a study on how perfo ▶ A few years ago there was a study on how performance of startups changes when they experiment and don't experiment with multiple business models. The researchers found that those who do little or no experimentation may become profitable faster but struggle later because they are stuck with that one business model that may become ineffective over time. In turn, those who test multiple business models (simultaneously) typically make significant losses when they start but clearly outperform those who don't experiment in the long run. So should you do testing? Absolutely yes. How much testing? Until you have reduced the amount of uncertainty so much that you have a clear indication of what business model is most suitable for achieving your current goals.
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▶ In January 2021, there were 528 private compan ▶ In January 2021, there were 528 private companies that were valued at $1 Billion or more (CBInsights). 499 of these were so-called unicorns (valued at $1B-$9.99B) and 28 were decacorns ($10B-$99.99B). There was only one hectocorn, valued at well over $100 Billion. Can you guess which company it is?
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▶ Blockchain technology is extremely useful in t ▶ Blockchain technology is extremely useful in that it facilitates transparent and safe transactions. Many startups use blockchain-based platforms, including Plastic Bank, Cubex Global and Efforce (see my feed for earlier posts on these companies). While this tech is incredibly useful, digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) like Bitcoin are experiencing extremely volatile valuations leading to speculative bubbles like the current one. No one really knows whether cryptocurrencies will have a bright future, but lots of (opportunistic) people are betting on it. For some currently unknown reason, Elon Musk has recently been playfully speaking about Dogecoin, another nascent cryptocurrency, that is adding to the overall ongoing crypto confusion. While startups building on blockchain are likely to receive overvaluations due to the current hype, they should be careful and know the tech better than anyone else to avoid overpromising and deception.
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