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▶ By using the Gartner Magic Quadrant (I think t ▶ By using the Gartner Magic Quadrant (I think the name overpromises a bit 😅) you can place your competitors on a two dimensional landscape. This helps you create an overview and a basis for your competitive analysis: who are your rivals, what are they doing, where are they going? This is a very helpful tool for strategy making in companies of any size. Try it! 👍
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▶ Turns out someone liked my PhD thesis so much ▶ Turns out someone liked my PhD thesis so much they decided to award me a rare dissertation prize for it 🤓 It's not just a great honor, but it also pays my two months' rent 💪 My thesis topic was, surprise surprise, business model innovation 😁
▶ Cheaper or unique? Are you the Tesla of graphi ▶ Cheaper or unique? Are you the Tesla of graphic designers? The IKEA of virtual assistants? Or perhaps the Gucci of social media marketers? Whatever your competitive strategy, you should align all your activities (and prices) accordingly to make sure you and your customers are on the same page.
This well-known and widely applied strategy framework for entrepreneurs and managers involves Porter's Generic Strategies for competitive market positioning. It's important to create an identity for yourself but it's equally important to show your customers what exactly you offer to them. That's how you create your name, reputation and position on the market. That's how prospects find you.
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▶ Remember MECE? If you don't, check out my post ▶ Remember MECE? If you don't, check out my post from a few months ago (How to analyse business problems?). This is a very (very!) important technique for you if you want to be a good problem-solver and analyzer. It's one of the first things you need to develop as a consultant and it's one of the most useful things that you will ever learn for your life. I promise 🤓
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